Guiding in 5 Step- How to Use Butane Camping Stove

A butane camping stove is such an excellent and aesthetic way to cook while camping. If you’re an avid camper, then you must know about it. Butane camping stove is the completely adaptable and all-around way during camping. Although it always brings quality, it is inexpensive and versatile.

If you plan to trek or go anywhere, get a butane gas canister that will help you cook your feed perfectly. There’s no need to use complicated fuel lines. All you have to put the meal in a butane canister. Then, push a crowbar on top of it and turn up the heat! It will do the rest of the job thoroughly! In this article, we’ll discuss how to use a butane camping stove. Let’s jump on it.

How to Use Butane Camping Stove – Reviews and Tips

There are so many options available to cook outdoors. However, the butane camping stove is the best of them all. Butane is a highly burnable, liquefied gas to fuel a burner to supply a consistent heating source to cook the feast. It generally burns over 3,500oF.

Butane is a liquid when it is under severe pressure. But, it transforms into gas when the pressure releases. Here, we will show how to use pressure cooking while camping on a butane stove. Now, let’s check out how to use a butane camping stove – reviews and tips.

In order to use a portable gas stove butane in the right and safe way, you should follow these steps wholly.

1. Install Butane Canister

how to open a butane gas canister
How to open a butane gas canister

At first, you have to know how to open a butane gas canister. It’s very easy actually. Just take off the small protective cap from the face of the canister and it will open. There’s a door on the stove where this canister will store. You have to put the canister in that place carefully. After aligning the canister on the stove, close the door slowly. Make sure that the adjustable dial isn’t in the off position. Otherwise, the user will fail to lock the canister into the entrance of the stove. Now, push the crowbar down to catch the canister.

2. Installing Cooking Grind

Almost all the gas stoves are mainly designed and tightly packed. Butane camping stove is no different. It is also very compact and impenetrable. Therefore, the steel grind is formatted to flip over and into the central part of the stove. You need to remove the grind carefully and install it in the right place to cook the food.

3. Lighting The Stove

There’s a ignite button in the front part of the stove. You have to spin the button to ignite the fire. Then, you’ll listen to a crack type of sound due to the ignition of the gas. After that, the fire will start to burn.

4. Adjust Gas Flow

After lighting is completed, now adjust the flow of the gas on the stove. If there’s so much wind around the stove, try to use higher gas flow by using the turn on/off button. However, it would be great to use stand-by protection from wood or rock to bar the wind. This technic will surely help the stove to prepare the food quickly.

5. Turning Off the Burner

When you’re done with cooking, then turn off the burner slow and steadily. However, ensure that the knob has been fully turned off. Now, open the canister door to separate it from the stove. After the separation, you’ll see that the portable butane gas stove is not working anymore. Nevertheless, do not leave the canister on the burner when you finished your cooking. It could be risky.

6. Return Stove to Safe State

After disengaging the canister and turning off the burner, place the stove somewhere cold or without heated sunlight. After a few minutes, flip the steel grind and house the stove in a proper place.

Now you know all the procedures, how to use an outbound butane camp stove.

Benefits of Using a Butane Stove

There are various benefits if you own a butane gas stove. As it possesses attributes like compact made, portable, lightweight – you will be proud to have a butane stove unambiguously. Let’s check out a few advantages of this stove.


Portable gas stove butane canister comes with 8-oz containers. So, you don’t need to worry about carrying it. It is very lightweight and you can take it anywhere you want with much ease.


Butane gas is not too much expensive. It is rather affordable and without toxic in comparison to other gases. It is cheaper yet high-quality fuel. Moreover, this gas can burn up to 12 percent more effectively than propane.


One of the significant attributes of a butane stove is it is very reliable and enormously safe. You don’t need to worry about getting a burn or any type of safety issues. Kids can also operate it with minimal guardianship.

Ideal for Both Indoor or Outdoor

This stove can be used in both indoor and outdoor places. Butane stove mainly made for camping. However, you can also use it at house without a problem. Further, you will have the opportunity to use it without electricity. As it is highly flammable, you have to be careful when you cook the food by it without electricity.

Safety Points to Consider

When you buy a butane stove, you’ll get a manual with it. There will be a lot of instructions in that guidebook. But, still, we want to provide you some important safety tips that could be vital for you. Let’s check –

  • Do not use an oversized cookware
  • Always stay careful during cooking
  • Ensure that there is enough wind flowing place on the top and each side of the stove
  • Stay away from wrapping aluminum foil on or around the burner
  • Don’t use the stove for a longer period
  • Place the stove in a cold place
  • Don’t temper with the butane gas stove
  • If something is wrong with the gas, smell it after turn off the stove.

Best Butane Camp Stoves

For most car and native places camping, butane camp stove is a perfect choice without a doubt. However, there are too many butane gas camp stoves. In order to make it easy for you, we narrowed the options. Now, check this out –

1. Coleman Portable Butane Burner

Coleman Portable Butane Burner

The Coleman is a fantastic product for camping purposes. It is very simple and there’s no complacency with it. Moreover, it weighs only 4.2 Pounds. For this reason, you can carry it anywhere with ease. Further, there will be a strong carry case will be given by the company.

This product has an instant ignition feature. You can ignite the fire with it without any tools. It is also a low-priced product while absolutely perfect for beginners and intermediate-level campers.

Important Features

  • Instant ignitions system
  • Lightweight
  • Have a strong carry case
  • Rust-proof aluminum burner

2. Gas One GS-3400P Dual Fuel Lightweight Gas Burner

how to open a butane gas canister

This is a dual fuel gas stove. The Gas One stove is such a splendid stove for outside places. It is balanced with standard butane canisters and it can give you the ultimate satisfaction in cooking. You’ll enjoy camping very much with it as this product weighs only 3.1 Pounds.

Further, this product is made from high-class materials and it will last a very long time. This product features a piezoelectric ignition. Therefore, you can flame it without using any tool.

Important Features

  • Butane and Propane mixture
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Compatible with butane canisters
  • Very much lightweight

3. Iwatani 35FW Butane Stove

Another great butane gas stove comes with high-powered cooking ingredients. The most appreciable attribute of this product is it contains a built-in double windbreaker. As wind halts the cooking outside, this breaker could help you to cook without any hassle. It also has Piezoelectric ignition that vanishes the need for matches or lighters to light up.

Important Features

  • A high-power 15,000 BTU stove
  • Sturdy carry case
  • Windbreaker will give protection from wind
  • Piezoelectric ignition


Is it possible to use propane on a butane camping stove?

Usually, most camping stoves support a 1-lbs butane canister. Those stoves will surely support a 1-lbs propane canister too. So, you can easily use a butane stove if you have propane. There will be no complications at all.

Are butane camp stoves provide a good service?

Of course, it is. It contains so much high boiling point. Therefore, it can cook very quickly, even at a lower temperature.

Can a butane explode?

The canister of butane is lightweight and cost-effective. However, it is high-flammable and therefore the portable butane stove danger is unreal. If you fail to control it in a good manner, then there’s a risk that it could explode and create dire consequences.

Is butane harmful to the skin?

If the gas somehow escapes from the container and contacts your eye/skin, then there’s a big chance your eye/skin will damage severely.

Can you use a butane camping stove indoors?

The answer is actually yes. But, you have to ensure that there’s enough ventilation in your house. Butane produces carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide. This is why it is highly flammable and that’s why the indoors need a proper ventilation system to bypass any type of risk.

How to light a butane camping stove?

You can light a butane camping stove in four ways – piezo igniter, light, matches, fire steel.

My butane stove doesn’t light automatically can I use matches?

Yes, you can use matches.

Final Words

Butane gas camp stoves are essential if you want to camp in outdoor places. It really works wonderfully in outdoor treks. It also works fine indoor manages properly. Now, we are pretty much sure that you’ve earned enough knowledge of the best portable butane stove through our discussion. Therefore, we are also confident that you can make a good decision to purchase a butane camp stove.

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  2. Hi..My butane stove doesn’t light automatically can I use matches

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